Cloud hosting for developers with flat pricing starting at $0.015/hr.

Deploy an instance now and recharge later with bitcoins.

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2GB RAM (USD 0.015/hr)

  • 1 CPU core
  • 30GB SSD storage
  • Max. 1Gbps outbound bandwidth

4GB RAM (USD 0.03/hr)

  • 2 CPU cores
  • 48GB SSD storage
  • Max. 1Gbps outbound bandwidth

8GB RAM (USD 0.06/hr)

  • 4 CPU cores
  • 96GB SSD storage
  • Max. 1Gbps outbound bandwidth

12GB RAM (USD 0.12/hr)

  • 6 CPU cores
  • 192GB SSD storage
  • Max. 1Gbps outbound bandwidth

24GB RAM (USD 0.24/hr)

  • 8 CPU cores
  • 384GB SSD storage
  • Max. 2Gbps outbound bandwidth

48GB RAM (USD 0.48/hr)

  • 12 CPU cores
  • 768GB SSD storage
  • Max. 4Gbps outbound bandwidth

64GB RAM (USD 0.72/hr)

  • 16 CPU cores
  • 1152GB SSD storage
  • Max. 6Gbps outbound bandwidth

80GB RAM (USD 0.96/hr)

  • 20 CPU cores
  • 1536GB SSD storage
  • Max. 8Gbps outbound bandwidth

16GB RAM (USD 0.09/hr)

  • 1 CPU core
  • 20GB SSD storage
  • Max. 1Gbps outbound bandwidth

32GB RAM (USD 0.18/hr)

  • 2 CPU cores
  • 40GB SSD storage
  • Max. 1.5Gbps outbound bandwidth

60GB RAM (USD 0.36/hr)

  • 4 CPU cores
  • 90GB SSD storage
  • Max. 3Gbps outbound bandwidth

100GB RAM (USD 0.72/hr)

  • 8 CPU cores
  • 200GB SSD storage
  • Max. 6Gbps outbound bandwidth

200GB RAM (USD 1.44/hr)

  • 16 CPU cores
  • 340GB SSD storage
  • Max. 10Gbps outbound bandwidth

All instances come with:

You can launch a new instance from your dashboard. When you launch a new instance, an initial root password is generated for you. Save a copy of the password and be sure to change it immediately after you are logged in into your instance. The hourly rate will be credited from your balance at the start of every hour for one running instance.

You can terminate your running instance from your dashboard. This operation is irreversible. Be sure to backup all your data elsewhere prior to terminating your instance. All data stored in your instance will be removed completely upon termination. Your instance will be terminated automatically if and only if your balance is at $0.00 when your instance entered the next running hour.

You can recharge $60, $120 or $240 into your balance with bitcoins from your dashboard. You will be given a one-time-use Bitcoin address for each recharge request. Send the quoted bitcoins amount to the given address within the specified time limit to complete your recharge.

You can choose to have the equivalent bitcoins amount sent back to you at a Bitcoin address of your choice. Please contact us to request a refund. All refunds will be processed within 24 hours.